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What's in my bag?

what's in my bag

What's in my bag?

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My dedication to the craft is full-hearted and endless. I am a proud member of the National Association of Child Portrait Photographers (NAPCP) and The Professional Photographers of America (PPA). My photography education has consisted of local classes, online workshops, small group mentoring, books, forums, photography publications, and good old everyday practice. I am lucky to have received training by some of the best photographers in our nation. Basically, I have spent the past five years submerged in the world of portrait and newborn photography. I love to learn and I love what I do.

I take my work very seriously, and I believe in providing a professional service and quality product. I want to give my clients a one-of-a kind experience and portraits to last a lifetime. I genuinely look forward to meeting you and your family & can't wait to capture memories together.



Above all forms of art, I was most drawn to photography. I had always hoped to someday take beautiful pictures.